27 January 2021
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SEO: How Important is Search Engine Optimisation?

When most SEO experts start to talk about search engine optimization (SEO) they tend to concentrate solely on increasing the rankings in the search engine, however there are many other very important variables that are considered when attempting to create an SEO strategy.

Below are some of the most important variables to consider in attempting to increase your website SEO:

1. Keywords tend to be the most important variable. Keywords can literally be the difference between increasing traffic by hundreds, or nothing at all. If you are focusing on optimization for a keyword that does not receive much traffic then chances are your efforts are in vain. It does not matter how many times you use that keyword, if you do not use it enough, Google will not show your results.

2. Relevancy- How relevant is your business? Basically, the search engines are trying to determine what your site is about, and how relevant it is to the search being carried out by the consumer. Relevancy will also consider the number of other sites that are linking to your and how credible those sites are. A link to your website is like a boost of credibility for your site, therefore the more votes you can get the better for you.

3. Content- Search engines love lots and lots of content. They are also partial to sites with particularly large amounts of good content. Even if you do not have much content that will bring in lots of visitors or prove very valuable to the reader, it is important to include lots of good content. Another thing to consider here is your meta data, being your website titles and description.

4. Keyword Density- how targeted should your main keywords be? It is important that you aim for your targeted keywords to appear around two percent of the time throughout your article, however any more than this and the crawlers will penalize you.

Your writers are unlikely to StumbleUpon or BlogSyndicate your content, and failing to capture the interest of scan engines can often result in your traffic being sub- ratio and therefore creating a shortcoming of traffic from search engines.

5.Create Links Naturally- Create links on a regular basis rather than in intensive batches and remember to never buy links from any source than from those who request to have them buy advertising space. The traffic is unlikely to be the strongest in the beginning stages and you will gain more benefit from relatively cheap links from niche sites.

6.Publish fresh, engaging frequently- A new content based site will be found by the search engine robots more frequently than an older platform site, and will thus achieve better results in the search engines. Shoppers will also be likely to return to your site on a regular basis for the new content to catch your retailers.

7.Concentrate on Local Linking- Targeting a local community is critical to the success of any online business and will give you the best result in terms of sweepers, as the use of Google’s IP does not pass location information if you use TLDs to register with the search directories.

To summarise:

These are some of the important factors to consider when reviewing the case for each of your options. While you might be tempted to splurge thousands of dollars on a professional SEO packages online, you need to look at the difficulties of establishing a level playing field, and as search engine optimization is a niche area for specialists, be prepared to pay for results.

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